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I'm an elementary librarian in need of justifying the amount of books I reads aimed at eleven year-olds by organizing them on a nifty website.

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The Brooklyn Nine

The Brooklyn Nine - Alan Gratz I feel lucky that I have a job that justifies all the reading I do. I’m lucky that more often than not I enjoy what shows up in front of my eyes. In recent months however I have had the realization that with the excessive amount of books that pass my way I am diluting the satisfaction I feel with the reading experience overall. Less and less do I feel as I slide into the back cover, that intoxicating feeling of having played a part in an exceptional experience, leaving me a bit winded, a bit dizzy, and more than a bit exhilarated. I never know what books are going to affect me this way. Last night as I finally reached that last inning in B9, I danced across the plate with an adrenaline drunk satisfaction that I’ve come to treasure as it becomes harder to find. Apparently the years between several of the generations are so close together as making a few of the characters parents while still in their early teens. I can’t admit to noticing the age peculiarity of the players, as I’d rather have my head run over by a base runner in cleats than do math in my head. I was thoroughly content to participate in each succeeding generation. It would be interesting to know if many young readers do the math.Here are a few scenes that particularly amused and moved me; after which · How I wish I could witness the old school rules that Felix played by. I’m thinking a game of tag between innings to see whose next at bat is just what the American League needs to keep Alex Rodriguez in his place.· My heart broke when Arnold lost his father’s bat. It just has to be said - stupid King Kelly. I’m ashamed to say I didn’t catch the Louisville slugger concept until that point.· I loved when Walter threw his hat off the pier. What a perfectly balanced story. And Cubans indeed, what people chose to believe to justify idiocy. · Thank you for so clearly portraying the term, “running numbers”. I never knew what that phrase meant before, I feel so worldly now.· And for the speculation among Michael and his friends about “There is another”, all I can say is did you listen in on the nerdy conversations between me and my friends?· I enjoyed the dietary changes David made between the eighth and ninth inning.